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Thigh Rub - Why Must We Suffer?

Posted on December 27 2018

By: Sofia Poindexter


The Burning of Thigh Rub
Thigh Burn - Why Must We Suffer?

 Ah, the many things to enjoy during the first waves of Summer. The longer days and shorter nights, your favorite drinks with the little umbrellas, the sweltering heat that makes you wish you lived in Alaska, movie nights in the park, mosquito bites that make your skin itch like a meth addict, long hours at the beach, etc. What I really enjoy, as I’m sure most people with legs do, is the ever-present thigh rub.


Unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret model, or you’ve had the pleasure of wearing pants all of your life, you probably have no idea what thigh chafing is. To put it simply, your skin gets rather irritated after too much friction, which can happen when you wear shorts or that cute dress your mom gave you last weekend. Having experienced it many times myself, I would never wish this pain on my worst enemy. I’m serious. One minute you’re walking from Its A Small World to Space Mountain at Disneyland and suddenly, your inner thighs are on fire. It’s a curse us thick-thighed people have to live with. The pain isn’t immediate either. It’s more of a slow burn too, you think you can ignore it for a little while and then-BOOM-you feel like someone gave you an Indian Burn right in between your thighs. Not only can you feel the pain right then and there, it can take days for it to heal, causing bleeding, bruising, and sometimes a nasty rash.


Thigh Rub why must we suffer.While this awful and horrendous, almost debilitating chub rub has the ability to make us wear jeans in 90-degree weather, there is hope for us yet. A popular solution is chafing gel, particularly the one from Monistat ($5.99, Another, my personal favorite, is the Silky Underwear chafing powder from Lush ($10.95, While these options are a great temporary fix, they’re a bit messy and only last for a few hours. One fix that people seem to be eyeing as of late is Thigh Guards. I tried them out last summer and I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I forgot I was wearing them until later in the day when I sat down to catch up on Netflix’s The Final Table. The solid and sexy lace design make for a convenient way to get rid of that chub chafe we have grown to know and love. It’s much easier and way more convenient than fishing through loose change and candy wrappers in your handbag for a tiny tube. With the thigh guards, I just slip them on and throw them in the wash at the end of the day.


I must admit that it feels damn good to walk around in whatever I want to without feeling like a mass army of fire ants are attacking my thighs. One day you're bound to feel the Curse of The Chub Rub, and when you do, you know what to do and how to prepare yourself. The modern miracles of technology and fabric have created a safe haven for the #ThickThighGang, thanks to Thigh Guards.


why suffer from thigh rub by sofie poindexterMore About the Author:

Sofia Poindexter is a regular contributor to our Thigh Guards body positive blog and her work is featured in numerous online publications. She is an avid collector of makeup and beauty products from around the world. Her expertise and advice on beauty are regularly sought after.




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