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My Thighs Would Like to Say Thank You!

Posted on November 06 2018

As a single mom of three kids, my days consist of running around and sweating. From taking my youngest to the park to cutting up oranges for my thirteen-year old’s soccer team, I’m constantly busy. I’m always on the go; taking care of the kids, try to find a decent guy on Bumble, or volunteering at the soup kitchen a couple of blocks away from the house. That being said; I LIVE in my gym stop thigh chafingclothes. My growing collection of leggings, sports bras, tank tops and tennis shoes never seem to get a break. After binge watching all the seasons of TLC’s What Not to Wear, Stacy London inspired me get out of my gym clothed-funk and to start dressing to impress my girls at the weekly PTA meetings. My post-shopping spree left me excited to wear my new collection of cute sundresses and skirts. There was only one thing that unfailingly prevented me from wearing what I wanted: chafing.


After I graduated from college, I noticed telltale signs that my metabolism was slowing down. I could no longer eat whatever and however much I wanted without gaining a few pounds. Before I knew it, I was overweight and buying clothes in bigger sizes. Despite my mother and others with unsolicited advice pertaining to my “health” I ignored what they had to say and embraced my new assets. One of the new problems I faced with was chafing between the thighs. I tried a variation of baby powder and chafing gel but the only solution that seemed to work for me was just simply wearing pants or leggings.


I was growing tiresome of substituting pants for shorts on a hot summer day. I was dying from the heat, and not to mention the sting of peeling of my pants off after a long day. So, I decided that enough was enough and that I would figure out a way to be both comfortable and cute. I hated sacrificing one for the other and I wanted something to change. So, I hit the books (A.K.A. website forums) for a solution that could solve my very important problem. Almost every website I came across said the same thing. Trying a mix of gels, powders, biking shorts under dresses (which I had previously tried but was not a huge fan of) until I finally stumbled upon something I had never tried before. A helpful member of an online forum told me about Thigh Guards. She sent me a link via email to their online store and I was pleasantly surprised to find a collection of neutral colored thigh bands.


Stop Chub RubI surfed their website for a bit and I was happy to see that their products are U.S. made! I looked at the eight different colors and inclusive sizes. The website offers lace and solid styles, and I picked out the style I liked best. I purchased two pairs of bands: black lace and a solid nude color. After a speedy delivery I tried the black lace on first and I absolutely ADORED how they looked on me. The day after I bought them I put them to the test, crossing my fingers that this was the answer I was looking for. A hot day out called for one of my sundresses, so I slipped one on and the solid band Thigh Guards underneath. After a long and tiring day at the park with my kids, I got home and kicked my feet up. I suddenly remembered the Thigh Guards. I barely felt them all day and I had forgotten I was wearing them! The nylon/spandex blend wicked away sweat throughout the day, and the two non-slip grips on the top and bottom of each band prevented them from slipping off in any way. I cannot thank this company ENOUGH for their wonderful product. I can confidently wear my dresses and skirts again without the pain of thigh chafing, I’ve already ordered 4 more pairs! I also admire how easy they are to wash. I just put them in the cold wash and let them air dry. They’re convenient, reasonably priced, and the answer to all of my chafing problems. Thank you, Thigh Guards!

Tiffany J., Richmond, VA

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