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Feel the Burn: Fighting “Thigh Rub”

Posted on November 07 2017

The seasons change, the weather starts to warm up and instead of being happy you live in fear of your closet. Your summer sun dress, shorts, mini-skirt and cocktail dress all send a shiver up your spine. Every time you’ve worn them you can’t dance, and you can’t walk, or the fire will start to burn.  Your legs are shapely but your thighs touch and after only thirty-minutes you get a contact rash on your inner thighs.  It’s red, irritating and embarrassing.

Preventing Chub Rub

That contact rash is sometimes not affectionately referred to as “Chub Rub” and millions of women all over the world experience it. It has nothing to do with whether you’re in shape or not. If your thighs touch when you walk you’ve dealt with it. Thigh chafing can be incredibly painful and unpleasant. It can happen all year round but is more common during the hotter summer months when you want to stay cool in a dress or pair of shorts. Those in the know call it “Thigh Rub” season.  

stop thigh chaffingLotions and ointments provide relief for thigh chafing but it’s short lived because they inevitably wear off and you must continuously reapply them. Powders and sprays also work but they have the same problem. Leggings in the heat are no good and you don’t want to relive the nineteen-eighties by putting on a pair of pantyhose. You’ve worked out like crazy over the winter but instead of making your thighs thinner, you’ve got more muscle and they are thicker now. Sports are also impossible for all the same reasons. If you run or walk or move and you start to feel the burn.

There are a couple of options that work but may not be perfect. Some women apply KT-Tape or medical tape to their inner thighs. Tape works but it can be unsightly and if it starts to peel off it can also be embarrassing. Thigh sleeves or thigh bands are probably the best solution out there. They provide coverage and come in a variety of colors and sizes.  Thigh cover sleeves will keep your inner thighs from chafing when you wear a summer dress or mini-skirt. The only drawback is slippage. If you decide to try a pair of thigh bands to prevent your thighs from chafing, make sure you research the brand and the size thoroughly.  A good pair of thigh sleeves should fit snug but not tight and they should have a solid gripper built into them that keeps them from slipping down your legs. Thigh Rub may have finally met its match in a pair of simple thigh cover bands. Now you can enjoy wearing a sun dress or tennis skirt without fearing the dreaded thigh rub. No one should let Thigh Rub or "Mermaid Thighs" stop them from enjoying the things they love!

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